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It’s finally 2018 and all the buzz over social media is the talk of everyone’s new goals for the new year. The new motto is New year, who this? I don’t want to be the Grinch of the New Year but I absolutely dislike making New Year's resolutions. I am all here for setting goals and achieving every last one of them. But I personally feel that we shouldn’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to pursue them.

If you personally know me, you are aware that I am a highly motivated person when I put my mind to it. If you don’t, know you know! I used to set New Year's resolutions, every year, just like everyone else but never really stayed on track. One of my goals was to work out more. Let’s be real Y'all, I like exercising... but to a certain point. I’ve always wanted a well-defined six-pack and a v cut. I still do. I also realized it’s not one of my priorities then. Working from 6 am to 5 pm, attending online courses, AND working out for at least an hour a day was just not realistic. I mean it is realistic and obtainable but I was not about that life. I value my quiet, personal time and with a full schedule, it was just not going to happen.

Another New Years resolution I’ve made in the past is to continue pushing through college. One of my top goals is to get my associate's degree and then transfer to another college to pursue my bachelor's ALL before thirty. So in 2017, I made up my mind to knock out as many courses as I can while still maintaining my GPA. Of course, me, being the perfectionist and overachiever that I am, I knocked out the majority of my classes. My lowest grade was a B in Contemporary Mathematics. I knew from the beginning that earning my degree will take some time for me because I am not a full-time student. Juggling work and college is a struggle but I continued pushing through.

What I’m trying to explain here is that sometimes your resolutions need more time to be achieved. Some goals cannot be finished in a year's timing. Nowadays everyone is trying to become an overnight success but everything takes time. Don’t rush what is already set for you in your life. Patience is a MAJOR KEY. The beginning of the new year should not be the reason for trying to better your life. You can start at any time. Create goals as you go! Comment below your top goal of 2018!

Oh yeah before I go, HAPPY NEW YEARS! I hope 2018 is a prosperous year for you. Continue being great and E X T R A.


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