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Colorful, metallic makeup has been a revolving trend. All 2017, we saw the highlight overload of all time. People's cheeks were bright enough to be seen from a satellite in outer space. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit but you get the point. So Sinful Colours and Vanessa Hudgens are releasing a makeup collection to help you shine bright like a diamond! Keep reading for the scoop and my thoughts on their products.

I was sent 5 products from their line. Every product is totally out of my comfort zone. 9.5 /10 you will only see me wear neutral color makeup. So when they sent this for me to try out I was shooketh!

I received:

BOLD BROW Intense Effects "Stormy / Fierce" $6.99 USD

SHADY BABE Cream Eye Shadow "Charming / Stunning" $6.99 USD

STOP & STARE Gel Liner "Intense" $5.99 USD

DIVA LASH Color Mascara "Scanda-lash" $5.99 USD FACE FORWARD Allover Highlighter Stick "Get Lit" $6.99 USD

Now that you've seen swatches of each product, here are my final thoughts. I really wanted to love these products but some of them were a hit or miss. I'll start from my least favorite on up to my favorite.

  1. DIVA LASH Color Mascara: I really wanted this product to work. Colored mascara is something I've been wanting to try. Sadly, this formula doesn't stick to my lashes... at all. It's a very pretty color but "Issa no dawg".

  2. FACE FORWARD All Over Highlighter Stick: I'm not a huge fan of the color that was sent to me. When I did a swatch, it showed up pigmented but when actually worn on top of my foundation and powder, it barely shows up.

  3. BOLD BROW Intense Effects Crayon: The name is confusing because this is most definitely not your typical crayon. It's more like a gel/creme eyeshadow. I didn't like it on my brows, so I used it on my eyelids. These are pigmented also.

  4. SHADY BASE Cream Eye Shadow: I love these. Highly pigmented. They also dry very nicely and is long-lasting. I recommend putting this on top of an eyeshadow base or primer.

  5. STOP & STARE Gel Eyeliner: This is my absolute favorite. I've tried other colored eyeliners like this and this one is by far the easiest to apply. The color is super pigmented. It glides smoothly onto my lids.

Overall, I give them an A for effort. The color scheme is very beautiful from what I've seen. There are tons of other products from this line, that I am willing to purchase. I most definitely want to try the other shades of gel liner and cream eyeshadows. The highest-priced item is only $6.99! You can't beat that at all! They also got the "Brown Gyal" approval from me. If you really want to make a statement with your makeup but still stay on budget, this is for you!

If you are interested in trying out this collection, it is available on AMAZON.

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