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SXMPLYCAS 2.0 | The Comeback

Ahhh, where should I start? Obviously, you read the title. Yes, I started blogging again. I lowkey missed blogging over the years. Work and my personal life (mostly work) haven't allowed me to focus on blogging. For the past two years, I've been focusing on my YouTube channel and my graphic design company, SXMPLYCAS CO LLC. Juggling multiple hobbies, jobs, and college has allowed me to neglect the things I love, such as blogging.

This year, I plan on doing the things I love. I feel like blogging my way of connecting with others, either it is fashion OOTD posts, travel, lifestyle, and beauty advice. Plus, maintaining a blog is way easier than running a youtube channel. Don't get me wrong, I love recording and edit youtube videos, but it is time-consuming.

So what do I have in mind for SXMPLYCAS 2.0? Well, honestly, I don't know exactly. I know I want to post more OOTD, travel guides, life advice, and skincare posts. All I can say is stay tuned and let's go on this journey of rediscovering my love for blogging.


But I know why ya'll really click on this blog post link. Let's get into this OOTD!

It's the boots and braided ponytail for me! I was invited out with a friend to a local lounge in Nashville, TN. Recently, I've hated almost everything in my closet, and I have zero "going out" clothes. My dilemma is that I wanted to be comfortable to still cute.

I purchased these faux snakeskin thigh-high boots in December and have yet to wear them. The weather was neither hot nor cold, and I wanted to blend in with the locals who wear cowboy boots. I also needed to take photos in my newest merch item, the Global Entrepreneur T-Shirt. The inspiration for tonight's outfit was Rihanna. I figured she would wear something like this.

I also tried out a new makeup routine. It's giving a soft natural glow, which is my current favorite makeup look and trend. If you would like a post featuring all of the products I achieved for this natural glam, let me know.

As I stated above, I'm excited to start back blogging and creating great content for you to read. Stay tuned for more blog and life updates on my Instagram. Below are links to everything worn. Until next time love bugs.

Outfit Details:

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