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Back at it again with another one. I know you all love my "Outfit of The Day" posts. I swear these are highly requested. I really just throw whatever on depending on my mood. This particular day was another hot day in mighty Texas. My new flared pants fromPrettyLittleThing just came in the mail and I've been wanting a pair for the longest. The only thing I dislike about them is that they're a little too long and I'm of average height. These pants are also on the sheer side so if you do buy a pair, I recommend you wear the proper undergarments.

This infamous Shopaholic crop top is from my favorite store in the whole world, ZARA! Y'all should know by now, that I swear by that store. Of course, my trusty Calvin Klein clutch was a part of my outfit. Oh yeah, check out the new hair. So far I'm in love with it. Would you like to see a blog post or youtube video about my new hairstyle? Comment down below. By the way, I was featured on @UNICEHair Company's Instagram page so stop by and like that photo of me! Once again, yall rock and...


- C A S

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