Hey, ya'll hey. Today I'm here to tell you about my most requested blog post so far. I posted this look on Instagram a few days ago and my DMs have yet to stopped being slid into... know what I mean haha. Just kidding. But I got tons of questions about this entire look. I'm here to give you all the details. So stay tuned.

First and foremost, I just threw this outfit on. It wasn't planned out or anything. Plus you can never go wrong with a simple face and bold red lips. Above are the exact items and similar items I wore. Every item is budget and college-girl-friendly. Like I always say, you don't have to spend tons of cash to look stylish. BUT I KNOW YALL PEEPED THEM WHITE TOESSSSSS. Had to bring them back.

Very soon, I'll post the details on the hair I've been wearing lately and my makeup routine. I'm a low-maintenance type of person when it comes to makeup and my hair. Surprising right? Anyways I think I'm done here. I know it was pretty short but I wanted to keep it simple and straightforward unless you like my long rambling posts. Just let me know! haha, let's end this blog post on a good note. Here are the full-size pictures of the outfit.

S T A Y B L E S S E D,