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5 Tips to Better Your Relationship

Relationships... Ooooooh. Everyone asks me my opinion on relationships. I don’t know why because I can’t relate lol. But I can give you an outside perspective on relationships that I have witnessed. No this is not a bashing session or anything like that. I’m just pointing out 5 things I think my generation as a whole should work on. Continue reading if you want to know more!

  1. Relationships are 50/50 but sometimes it may be 60/40. Yes I know that sounds a little weird but it’s true. Let’s be real, we are all humans. Maybe your partner is going through something and they need your support. It’s like an “I have an itch, I can’t reach and I need you to scratch my back” type of thing.

  2. COMPROMISING IS EVERYTHING. Yes, I had to put that all in caps because it was necessary. It will not work if Y'all don’t agree on decisions. It’s okay to be complete opposites while having your own opinion but it’s not good to be closed-minded and hard-headed. Take one for the team once and a while.

  3. Be on the same page! This one is pretty self-explanatory but it’s still something couples struggle with. If y’all don’t have the same mindset and goals, y’all are destined for trouble. Here’s a random scenario: Marvin wants to start saving for a house for THEM to live in but Mable wants to party and spend all her coins on Hennessy bottles and $100 Malaysian bundles... Are they on the same page? I had to be extra but you get the point right? This also goes for what your partner wants out of the relationship. Is it for real or are you just a placeholder?

  4. Even the little things matter. So this is something I hear from my fellow females, mostly, all the time. Fellas... pay attention to the little things. She specifically asked you what color should her nails be for a reason. Probably to impress you or see if you’re actually paying attention to her. Don’t think it’s stupid. And ladies, giving your significant others time to play 2K and Fortnight (without bothering them) means a lot to them lol. In general pay attention to the small things that go unnoticed.

  5. Be accountable for your actions! I cannot stress this one enough! We all make mistakes in our lives but not everyone wants to be held accountable for them. One thing that I absolutely hate is when someone tries to put the blame on you or someone else. As adults, we should be truthful with one another. Keyword: “should”. Owning up to your mistakes is a sign of maturity. Everyone wants to be treated like an adult so act like it. Your significant other will slowly lose trust in your because you cannot be truthful. No one wants that. Even if it’s little, be truthful.

So yeah, I had to throw in my little two cents about relationships. Let's be real... NO ONE IS PERFECT! We're all struggling with certain things but life is all about better yourself and your partner. Hopefully, you got a few helpful tips that you can apply to your relationship. Comment down below for more tips to improve relationships. Thank you for stopping by and reading. Until next time!

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