Saturday, February 16, 2019


Wow! It's been some time since I've gotten a chance to sit down and just write. First and foremost, Happy New Year! I know I'm about 2 and a half months late, but it's life. So much has happened in the last few months. I've moved out of the country, and I'm trying to adjust. My graphic design business (SXMPLYCAS CO) is BOOMING! I've been more active on youtube, well I'm trying to be. This post is literally all over the place because my mind is and it's also 2 AM lol. Shall we begin? 

It's crazy that it's been 2 years since I first launched my blog. I've accomplished so much in the first year, and I would like to continue that success. I think it's time to revamp and give my blog a little sprucing. Make it more authentic to my current phase in life. No, all the fashion posts aren't' going away. I plan on creating more content like that, especially that I'm even more obsessed with fashion, especially Korean fashion. I also want to expand my content to other topics, like lifestyle, fitness, and travel. 

December 2019, I got on a plane, and several hours (basically a day) later, I was finally in South Korea. I don't really talk about being in the military on my blog, but Uncle Sam said it was about that time to leave Texas behind. I'm currently stationed about an hour away from Seoul. I'm still adjusting to my new area, job, and the weather. Lordt, this Korean wind is NO JOKE. It has forced me to stock up on more winter approved clothing items. I've kinda explored but not really. I plan on going out more once it starts to warm up. But as of now, I try not to stay too far from my comfort zone, aka my room.  Living here has its pros and cons just like any other place. Before I leave to move back to the states, later this year, I'll make a post or video about it. So stay tuned.

What can I say? I'm really excited about what 2019 has to offer. I plan on going after everything I want. My goals list is so long. I want this, and I want that lol. In 2019 I really want to focus on my health especially my mental health. Oooh, stepping out of my comfort zone is another one of my goals. I have so much potential and talent that I really want to step my game up in all areas of my life. 

But anyways, I'm getting sleep (FINALLY) and it's about that time to catch some much-needed beauty rest. I feel like I needed to come on here and let my readers in on all the tea. I'm sure this post was all over the place but oh well. Expect to see SXMPLYCAS more, all over social media. Stay up to date with me and my life on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. Until next time!


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