Monday, April 2, 2018

Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed?

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, overbooked? Ever realized there isn’t enough time in a day to complete everything? I seriously know the feeling! We all want to be superheroes but let’s just be real with ourselves, WE’RE NOT PERFECT. This particular post is about me being transparent as possible and sharing a struggle or my struggles I deal with on the regular. Continue reading to learn more. 

Let’s talk about me for a second. Every day I set goals and tasks that I “plan” on completing but 9/10 I don’t get to them all. Lately, I’ve been spending all my time completing homework deadlines and attempting to balance my social life, which I’m failing miserably at lol. I’ve been slacking on posting YouTube videos and blog posts. Let’s not talk about everything I deal with during the work hours. As soon as I walk through my room door, I just want to eat and sleep the rest of the night away but I can’t. I’m sure you have experienced something similar to that. 

Even my friends notice I have a lot going on. They question me on how I balance my never-ending schedule.  I currently use two planners. One for my homework and daily life and one specially for everything brand related. One major tip is to keep business and personal scheduling separate so you don't get confused. I also enter everything in my calendar on my phone. I make sure I set reminders and alerts for each event or task. Another way is to write a to-do list. You can never go wrong with that! It's quite simple and satisfying to check off each task, one by one. Hopefully, over time I figure it out better methods to balance everything.

I can’t even complain though honestly. When I’m not busy or actually engaged in something beneficial for my future, I’m bored. That’s why I keep myself busy. Am I the only person who feels this way? Maybe I have that entrepreneur mindset. I just want you to know that your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. I thought no one cared about me being in school and managing my brand/businesses. Recently people have randomly told me that they actually look up to me. Little ole stressed, overbooked me! Just hearing people tell me that or hearing “I’m proud of you” keeps me going. Yeah, I may complain or have a little mini breakdown but trust and believe, I pick myself right back up.

The great MoneyBaggYo said, “She got goals, she pursuin' it. Name it and I bet she doin' it”. I FELT THAT ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL! I have goals that I’m pursuing.  No matter how tired I am or stressed out, it’ll get done. Hopefully, me being real and sharing something that’s going on in my life currently, inspires you to keep going. 

Comment below how you balance your everyday tasks. I would love to know and apply some to my life. Until next time, stay strong SXMPLY SQUAD! 

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