Saturday, January 13, 2018


I know what you're thinking. Yes, I finally added a pop of color to my black wardrobe. Finally got ya'll shaking in your boots. First and foremost, I bought this bag with my own coins. This is not a sponsored post. ANYWAYS... This amazing HIGH-QUALITY crossbody purse is from....! I was a little skeptical about ordering from them even though I watched plenty of hauls on Youtube.  Continue reading to get all the info on this amazing purse!

Anyways, I tried to be somewhat versatile with my style but still keep the color scheme the same.  No one really wears yellow in the winter, so I decided this would be my statement piece. I have received so many compliments while carrying this. People even think this bag is pricey because of the good quality. Jokes on them I ONLY paid less than $20 USD, not including shipping. Shipping took about a week and a half. Which is fine for me because I wasn't in a rush to wear it.

This bag gives me "Kill Bill" vibes and I love it. It's edgy but still tasteful. The inside is a decent size for a small bag and the outside pocket holds my cards nicely for easy access. The flap folds over the side pock and locks also.

Overall this purse is great. I love it and I will be carrying it for awhile. If you like quirky, statement pieces this purse is for you! I will most definitely purchase another bag from Shein in the future.  As always,

Stay Blessed!


  1. I have the same bag! I can’t wait to wear it lol

    1. It's an amazing bag. Very good quality for under $20! Thanks for checking out my blog.