Friday, December 8, 2017


Now that Thanksgiving is over and it's finally December,  I've been in a cheerful spirit. Everyone knows I love this month because of Christmas. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday since a kid, because of the food, my family, and of course gifts.

Anyways I decided to start this month off with my first ever mood board. Above is a collection of photos that basically shows my mood for the rest of December. This season I will be traveling across the country to visit my family on the East Coast.

The winter months bring out a side of me that wants to dress very stylish and lavish but comfortable. Around this time of the year, I love chilling at home watching Christmas movies while sipping hot chocolate. I know you've noticed the Porsche Macan. Hey! It's wishful thinking lol. One day that car will be mine!

Happy Holidays & Stay Blessed,

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