Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Hey, ya'll. I'm back and I'm better. I recently got a much-needed hair update. My hair has grown so much since I got it colored and trimmed back in December of 2016. I've gotten tons of questions about my new hair style. One major question I got asked is "Is that your real hair?". Yes, it's A L L mine. I decided to go natural back in 2013 after I graduated Basic Combat Training. I got a really bad perm job and hair cut. I haven't looked back since then. Anyways that's a little back story of my reasoning for going natural. Let's fast forward to summer 2017.

So I went with this hair color because I've always wanted bright blonde hair. I was a little afraid of doing it because I thought my curl pattern would change. So far my hair has reverted back to its thick curls without any problems. I kept my roots dark because it looks better in my opinion. I do have highlights throughout my hair also.

I do plan on going back to get another hair cut. This length is cool and all but I want sort of a bob... basically cut it right above my shoulders. But I'll wait to the end of this year to get another hair cut and silk press.  Am I the only person who's not a fan of their hair being straight? It's cute but so lifeless. I love my curls! 

Once again, thank you all for sticking around and supporting me. 
S T A Y   B L E S S E D,