Hey yall, I'm back! So I posted a few photos on Instagram and some of my followers wanted to know the details of what I was wearing. Of course, I got yall. This outfit here was a little on the risky side. Showing skin and all haha. But I must say it was super comfortable.  Also below will be either direct links to each item I'm wearing or similar items like them. These 3 online stores I will mention are the ONLY stores I buy clothes from. Literally, everything in my closet is purchased from them.

To be honest, this top that I'm wearing is a bathing suit top. I bought it from H&M for like $12. No one even knows that it's not your regular top. Don't be afraid to experiment. But you can find an affordable bralet literally anywhere. Of course, I have the direct links to the bralets shown above.

Scuba Plunge Cross Bralet: HERE 
Zoe White Jersey Bralet: HERE
Let's talk about this skirt I'm wearing. The whole wrap skirt trend was seriously poppin in 2016. That's exactly when I bought the skirt but I never wore it until a year later. I love how it can be flattering on anyone's body. The burgandy skirt is the exact skirt that I'm wearing but it's currently sold out in black. The paperbag skirt right above is a little twist to the whole wrap skirt trend.
Asymmetric Wrap Tie Mini Skirt: HERE
Paperbag Waist Wrap Hem Mini Skirt: HERE

Lastly, let's talk about the main attraction. THIGH HIGH BOOTS! I'm literally in love with thigh highs. I own about 4 different pairs and they're all black. But I ordered the pair I'm wearing back in 2016 from Missguided. These particular boots have a thick heel and the toe and heels are exposed. Which means these are super comfortable. But sadly they sold out all the black pairs and only have the olive green ones left. I might even purchase them. Also if you're not a fan of the thick chunky heels, I do have an alternative. I also own a pair similar to the ones listed above, but they are from Steve Madden. 

Khaki Peep Toe Thigh High Boots: HERE
Martha Peeptoe Over the Knee Boots: HERE

Once again, thank you for rocking with me. 
S T A Y   B L E S S E D


It's kind of weird for me to write about a topic that I'm not completely 100% sure on. Yes, I'm confident in certain aspects of my life but I am human and I still lack self-confidence somewhat. I feel like as you become older you start accepting who you are and over time your confidence builds up.

 I can look back to when I was in middle school, I most definitely lacked confidence. I was very shy and timid. I was not comfortable with my body. Growing up and even now, I have always been pretty slender and tiny. I never liked to be the center of attention and I still don't. That's just something I will always be like. In middle school, all the girls my age were going through puberty and were developing way faster than I was. I guess you can say that's why my tomboy phase started. I dreaded wearing tight and form fitting clothes. I refused to wear dresses. The idea of me looking super girly was a no go for me. As I got older and when to high school, I still kinda dressed like a tomboy but with a girly flair to it. I stopped wearing braids and used to go to the salon and get my hair done. I even wore a dress and heels to prom and my graduation. But I still lacked in self-confidence. Four years later, here I am wearing heels, dresses, and makeup. Don't be fooled, I'm still a tomboy at heart.

Over the last few years, I have learned to stop worrying about how others think about me. I have accepted what God has blessed me with.  Who cares what people think about you? If they're not supporting you financially or mentally, their opinion is pointless. Don't try to be a perfectionist. You only have one life to live, so live it how you want to.  Yes, you should be confident in your appearance but also every aspect of your life. Like I've been saying all year, It's "SHOOT YOUR SHOT 17". Which means stop being scared and go after what you want. Nothing will be handed to you.

Honestly, confidence comes from within. You have to be your hype man. Also, God is your hype man and he is always rooting for you. Your thoughts are really where your confidence comes from. If you're thinking negatively 24/7 you won't feel confident about anything. If you look good and feel good, I promise you, you'll feel super confident about anything!

Here are a few ways I boost my confidence:
1. Listen to my favorite R&B playlist.
2. Do my makeup and hair.
3. Put on a poppin outfit and take photos for the gram.

Like I said before, self-confidence will not happen overnight. It's taken me awhile to be comfortable with who I am. I'm still a working progress and so are you! Comment down below how you boost your self-confidence.

As always,