Ever felt stagnant, lost, or uncertain about your next move or things going in your life? Trust me, I’ve been there and still do that.  It’s a normal thing. Sometimes I feel like things are out of my control but that’s life. The older I get, the more I realize I need to start taking control of my life. Yeah, going with the flow is perfect for certain situations but it’s not the best decision all the time. Overall 2017 has been an eye-opener for me. I’ve been in situations which required me to make a decision even though I did not want to. We all want this perfect life where there aren't any obstacles and everything just comes naturally. But the gag is... life isn’t a fairytale. Not everything works in your favor. 

At one point this year I did feel discouraged about what I wanted to do pertaining my career. If you didn’t know, I am in the military. I just re-enlisted for 4 more years and requested to get stationed in Alaska. I was mentally ready to leave Fort Hood. But as the months went on, medical issues started to arise. Come to find out, I was diagnosed with anemia. It was brought up as an issue while I was downrange in 2015 and it popped back up as a major issue in 2017. Long story short, being anemic has really put a halt on me leaving Texas and kinda career-wise. I get tired, fatigued, and cold really easily. Literally, everything drains me physically. Currently, I’m still dealing with this issue. 

With all that going on I got super discouraged. I got complacent. My motivation and drive went away. I had thoughts in my head like, what would I do if I got medically discharged? Basically I let the devil and my negative thoughts get to me. But with the help of close friends, prayer, & my first sergeant, the way I thought about my whole situation changed. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and “BOSSED UP”. 

It’s okay to throw a little pity part for yourself but not for long. Like my Old Lady tells me 24/7, pray about it. Don’t let something so small knock you off your feet. Feeling stagnant or uncertain is a part of life but you have to at some point search for the light. Be your biggest hype man especially if you feel like all odds are against you. Quotes really helped me along the way also. Like I do all the time, take a step back and think about your next move and everything going on in your life. I do this when I’m out running or showering. But don’t be so lost in your thoughts haha. 

It took me awhile to realize life is a crazy rollercoaster and I won’t be getting off this ride anytime soon. The next time you feel like everything is spiraling out of control, take a step back and reevaluate life. We all have a purpose on this earth. Don’t give up. I promise at the end of the tunnel there is something rewarding waiting for you. Stay strong, you got this!

Signing out until next time, 



Hey, ya'll. I'm back and I'm better. I recently got a much-needed hair update. My hair has grown so much since I got it colored and trimmed back in December of 2016. I've gotten tons of questions about my new hair style. One major question I got asked is "Is that your real hair?". Yes, it's A L L mine. I decided to go natural back in 2013 after I graduated Basic Combat Training. I got a really bad perm job and hair cut. I haven't looked back since then. Anyways that's a little back story of my reasoning for going natural. Let's fast forward to summer 2017.

So I went with this hair color because I've always wanted bright blonde hair. I was a little afraid of doing it because I thought my curl pattern would change. So far my hair has reverted back to its thick curls without any problems. I kept my roots dark because it looks better in my opinion. I do have highlights throughout my hair also.

I do plan on going back to get another hair cut. This length is cool and all but I want sort of a bob... basically cut it right above my shoulders. But I'll wait to the end of this year to get another hair cut and silk press.  Am I the only person who's not a fan of their hair being straight? It's cute but so lifeless. I love my curls! 

Once again, thank you all for sticking around and supporting me. 
S T A Y   B L E S S E D,

The Summer's Over

Welcome back! Welcome bizzzzackkk! Okay, I'm done being extra. Sadly summer is coming to an end which means the fall and winter is right around the corner. This is my last summer post for 2017. I must admit this was one of the BEST summers of my adult life. I spent it with my close friends aka family part 2. I celebrated my 22nd birthday in Dallas and in Austin. This whole summer was a blessing to me. Anyways, I know ya'll came to get all the details of my outfit. So let's get to it.

Yep, I'm back with another black outfit. I really didn't have any inspiration for this outfit. I just wanted to be cute and comfortable. Plus I wanted to show off my wrecked Thrasher Vans. If you know me personally, I am a fan of Thrasher Magazine and one day I'll own all their clothing items. So when they released their collaboration with Vans... I lost it. Ya'll know I love Vans. So it was a done deal, they had to be mine. 

I let the shoes be the main focus of my outfit. I didn't want to over do this look. Also, is it weird that I want to show my future kids these photos and be like "yep, ya mama was poppin back then"? haha. This whole outfit aesthetic gave me a little 90's rocker vibe. Anyways check out the rest of the outfit details down below. 

One Shoulder Bodysuit: Forever 21
High Waisted Shorts: Thrifted
Slip Ons: Zumiez
Light Bomber Jacket: Boohoo.com
3 Coin Necklace: Aldo
Bracelets: Alex and Ani

S T A Y   B L E S S E D
    - CAS


Hey yall, I'm back! So I posted a few photos on Instagram and some of my followers wanted to know the details of what I was wearing. Of course, I got yall. This outfit here was a little on the risky side. Showing skin and all haha. But I must say it was super comfortable.  Also below will be either direct links to each item I'm wearing or similar items like them. These 3 online stores I will mention are the ONLY stores I buy clothes from. Literally, everything in my closet is purchased from them.

To be honest, this top that I'm wearing is a bathing suit top. I bought it from H&M for like $12. No one even knows that it's not your regular top. Don't be afraid to experiment. But you can find an affordable bralet literally anywhere. Of course, I have the direct links to the bralets shown above.

Scuba Plunge Cross Bralet: HERE 
Zoe White Jersey Bralet: HERE
Let's talk about this skirt I'm wearing. The whole wrap skirt trend was seriously poppin in 2016. That's exactly when I bought the skirt but I never wore it until a year later. I love how it can be flattering on anyone's body. The burgandy skirt is the exact skirt that I'm wearing but it's currently sold out in black. The paperbag skirt right above is a little twist to the whole wrap skirt trend.
Asymmetric Wrap Tie Mini Skirt: HERE
Paperbag Waist Wrap Hem Mini Skirt: HERE

Lastly, let's talk about the main attraction. THIGH HIGH BOOTS! I'm literally in love with thigh highs. I own about 4 different pairs and they're all black. But I ordered the pair I'm wearing back in 2016 from Missguided. These particular boots have a thick heel and the toe and heels are exposed. Which means these are super comfortable. But sadly they sold out all the black pairs and only have the olive green ones left. I might even purchase them. Also if you're not a fan of the thick chunky heels, I do have an alternative. I also own a pair similar to the ones listed above, but they are from Steve Madden. 

Khaki Peep Toe Thigh High Boots: HERE
Martha Peeptoe Over the Knee Boots: HERE

Once again, thank you for rocking with me. 
S T A Y   B L E S S E D


It's kind of weird for me to write about a topic that I'm not completely 100% sure on. Yes, I'm confident in certain aspects of my life but I am human and I still lack self-confidence somewhat. I feel like as you become older you start accepting who you are and over time your confidence builds up.

 I can look back to when I was in middle school, I most definitely lacked confidence. I was very shy and timid. I was not comfortable with my body. Growing up and even now, I have always been pretty slender and tiny. I never liked to be the center of attention and I still don't. That's just something I will always be like. In middle school, all the girls my age were going through puberty and were developing way faster than I was. I guess you can say that's why my tomboy phase started. I dreaded wearing tight and form fitting clothes. I refused to wear dresses. The idea of me looking super girly was a no go for me. As I got older and when to high school, I still kinda dressed like a tomboy but with a girly flair to it. I stopped wearing braids and used to go to the salon and get my hair done. I even wore a dress and heels to prom and my graduation. But I still lacked in self-confidence. Four years later, here I am wearing heels, dresses, and makeup. Don't be fooled, I'm still a tomboy at heart.

Over the last few years, I have learned to stop worrying about how others think about me. I have accepted what God has blessed me with.  Who cares what people think about you? If they're not supporting you financially or mentally, their opinion is pointless. Don't try to be a perfectionist. You only have one life to live, so live it how you want to.  Yes, you should be confident in your appearance but also every aspect of your life. Like I've been saying all year, It's "SHOOT YOUR SHOT 17". Which means stop being scared and go after what you want. Nothing will be handed to you.

Honestly, confidence comes from within. You have to be your hype man. Also, God is your hype man and he is always rooting for you. Your thoughts are really where your confidence comes from. If you're thinking negatively 24/7 you won't feel confident about anything. If you look good and feel good, I promise you, you'll feel super confident about anything!

Here are a few ways I boost my confidence:
1. Listen to my favorite R&B playlist.
2. Do my makeup and hair.
3. Put on a poppin outfit and take photos for the gram.

Like I said before, self-confidence will not happen overnight. It's taken me awhile to be comfortable with who I am. I'm still a working progress and so are you! Comment down below how you boost your self-confidence.

As always,


I know for a fact you've heard about UNICE Hair Company. If not, it's all over Instagram and youtube. So I decided to give and save my coins so I could try this hair out. First and foremost, I did not receive this hair for free and no I am not sponsored by this company. Anywho, let's get this review started.

The shipping for this company was impeccable. It literally only took 3 days to be delivered. It also came in this cute marble packaging.

I ordered three, 16-inch bundles of straight Brazilian hair and one 16 inch frontal. The hair is very soft before and after dying it. One thing I did hate how much the hair was shedding and that it does not hold a curl. Also, it does not have a weird chemical smell to it.

I wore this hair for about 1 month and I honestly love it. I could easily wash and blow dry this hair and it looks flawless without straightening it. I received soo many compliments. Would I recommend this hair to others? Of course. This hair is super affordable and is amazing quality.

Make sure you check out the video down below for more details.
DIRECT LINK TO THIS HAIR: https://goo.gl/wcO69o
Instagram: @unicehair
Website: www.unice.com
Twitter: @UniceHair

Stay tuned to a complete revamp of this hair in the future. As always,

S T A Y  B L E S S E D 


Miss me yet? It's okay if you do. But hey yall. Welcome back. Yes, it's another fashion post. I'm sorry but lately, I've been really focusing on fashion. So let me give you the tea on this outfit. Months ago when I was looking for the perfect birthday outfits I had in mind that I wanted to look different than your average birthday girl. Instead of wearing a dress or a skirt, I switched it up and went with trousers. Lately, I've noticed a lot of style icons rocking pants and a bodysuit or bralette.

Wearing black and gold is just my thing. This bodysuit is most definitely out of my comfort zone but I rocked it.  My top and bottoms are from Pretty Little Thing. My clear and black perspex lace up heels are from Ego Official. (direct links to each item if you click the store names ... just saying) Anyways I enjoyed the few days in Dallas with an amazing group of friends. Yall rock if you're reading this. Once again HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to my best friend, my Bro, and my twin ROB. 

S T A Y   B L E S S E D


Back at it again with another one. I know you all love my "Outfit of The Day" posts. I swear these are highly requested. I really just throw whatever on depending on my mood. This particular day was another hot day is mighty Texas. My new flared pants from PrettyLittleThing just came in the mail and I've been wanting a pair for the longest. The only thing I dislike about them is that they're a little too long and I'm average height. These pants are also on the sheer side so if you do buy a pair, I recommend you wearing the proper undergarments. 
This infamous Shopaholic crop top is from my favorite store in the whole word, ZARA! Y'all should know by now, that I swear by that store. Of course, my trusty Calvin Klein clutch was a part of my outfit. Oh yeah, check out the new hair. So far I'm in love with it. Would you like to see a blog post or youtube video about my new hair style? Comment down below. By the way, I was featured on @UNICEHair Company's Instagram page so stop by and like that photo of me! Once again, yall rock and...

- C A S


Welcome back fam! Today I wanted to share 21 things I have learned in 21 years. So my birthday is literally days away and I am truly blessed to be able to live past 21. We sometimes take our birthdays for granted and think nothing of it but in reality, it's an amazing milestone. Over the years I have seen and learned a lot of things, good and bad. At the end of the day, the credit goes all to God. But let me tell y'all a few things that I have learned over the years.

1. At the end of the day, God will always be there for you no matter what. Even if people start switching up on you.

2. Fight for what you want. Don't settle for less.

3. Your 20's are you grinding years. Don't spend it all partying and wasting money.

4. Be you. Don't try to fake it till you make it.

5. Stay prayed up.

6. Take care of your self. At the end of the day, you need to worry about your well being also.

7. Don't hold grudges. It's less stress on you. Trust me, I know.

8. Self-motivation is the best motivation.

9. Stop trying to please any and everyone. Live your life for you.

10. Take that leap of faith. Don't be afraid of trying new things.

11. Get out the house more. Go on a hike or something. You don't have to spend money to have fun.

12. Seek more knowledge. Always be open to learning new things.

13. Stop being so closed minded and be more open to people's opinions and beliefs.

14. Don't rush to be into a relationship just because everyone else is in one. God will bring that right person to you when it's the right time.

15. It's okay to say no. Don't give into peer pressure.

16. Not everyone is going to like you.

17. Always ask questions. I used to be so timid and would never ask questions. It's okay to be curious.

18. It's okay not to have everything all figured out. That's life. Don't trip about it.

19. Stack ya coins for a rainy day.

20. Not everyone will support you and your endeavors. There are jealous people out there who want to see you fail. Keep your head up.

21. Change is a good thing. Never get too comfortable. Learn how to adapt and make things work for you.

Welp, that's a few things I've learned. I could go on and on. The most important lesson out of those 21 lessons is to BE YOU. You only have one life to live so live it carefree. There aren't any do-overs. I'm curious to know which lesson you relate to the most. Let me know in the comments.


- C A S


I know I am not the only person who has noticed the weather changing. It's getting hotter and people are putting away their leather jackets and switching them out for shorts and sandals. Me personally, I'm not a fan of the spring, especially in Texas. The weather is so wishy washy here. Anyways, I'm so excited for the summer. My body is in dire need of a serious tan. So this particular blog post is my goodbye to my spring wardrobe and hello to Summer 17'.

As usual, all the items I am wearing are under $30 except the Calvin Klein clutch. I had to splurge on that little baby and it was worth it. I know you're thinking, "Why does she only wear black?". I can't help it. I think black is an amazing versatile color. For this outfit I didn't really have any inspiration, I just winged it. My friends invited me out to Austin for the night, so I went for something super comfortable and not revealing. I have this theory that only one part of your body should be exposed, so my legs were out that day. Of course, the sandals were a must to walk up and down 6th Street. Once again, thank you for checking out my blog and...

S T A Y  B L E S S E D


July 8th, 199X a true go-getter was born... ME ! Okay, I'm done being extra. I know my birthday is a little over a month away but I have to let yall know what I would like for my birthday. I don't think I'm asking for much. Just a lil something.

Let's pause for a second. I can't believe I'm turning twenty-two. Can I go back to being nine instead? I am totally blessed and grateful to be able to live to see 21 and I pray being 22 will be amazing as this past year. As I become older, I want to become wiser. I pray every day that God continues to shine his light on my life and steer me in the right direction.

Family members and friends, I know you're reading this so take note of what the rest of this blog post is about!
If you know me personally,  you know for a fact I love money and my Alex and Ani gold bracelets. If you do decide to buy me a bracelet, I would like the charm to mean something to you. I cherish each bracelet dearly because they all have a special meaning to them. 

I've always been a lover of music. Ever been so lazy to invest in a good speaker? The struggle is real haha. As for the Canon LED Light Panel, I need one to step up my photography game. Plus you can find these two items on Amazon for the low low. 
Now if you really love me to death just drop some coins into my bank or paypal account for these items above.... hint hint (Chenne Nelson) .  Support my love for videography and photography. 

At the end of the day, this post is for fun. You don't have to purchase any of these items. An amazing gift I would like for each one of you is to continue praying and supporting all of my endeavors in life.  Ya'll support is EVERYTHING TO ME! Comment below what you would like for your upcoming birthday also. 



Hey love bugs ! This is my first ever blog post about the hair I'm currently rocking. If you didn't know that I have been natural for almost four years. I started my journey back in 2013 when I got a really bad perm and hair cut, but that's besides the point. Let's talk about this bomb hair.
I ordered this hair because I saw a youtuber, Alexis Jeanell, review this hair. It looked gorgeous on her plus it was affordable. So I said, what the heck, why not try it out. Shipping was decent took and took about five days. Packaging was okay, nothing special.  My amazing hair stylist, Patrella, once again S LA Y E D my frontal. She never disappoints me.

But wait ... you have to go check out my video on YouTube to get the rest of the "tea" on this hair. Sorry I had to do it to you all like this. Go support a sista !

Once again, thank you for the love and support I've been receiving lately. Ya'll rock !

S T A Y   B L E S S E D,
- C A S


Over the years, I've been slowly easing myself into fashion. Don't get me wrong. I've always had an eye for it but never actually started executing trends and styles that I like. Now that I make my own money, I can experiment all I want. Today I will be sharing my TOP 5 trends that I love and personally think won't go away anytime soon.  So let's jump right to it . 

Oh how I love me a good Thrasher or Metallica band Tee. In high school I used to wear them 24/7. Majority of the time I didn't listen to the band until I bought the shirt. But I'm getting off track as usual. Band tees are an everyday staple piece. You can dress them up or dress them down as shown above. These types of shirts are sold literally everywhere. Check out your local Hot Topic, Zumiez, or even Forever 21 in the Men's section. 

I just hopped onto this trend. I finally bought my first pair of stripped pants from H&M a few months ago. Sadly I ruined them by spilling foundation on them... sad life. I've always thought this look was timeless. It's a little on the more chic side, but us fashionistas should be able to switch it up. The photos above are exactly how I style the pair of striped pants that I own. Accessory wise, I would pair it with my favorite oversized Kim Kardashian inspired shades and simple black thong sandals. 

I know what you're thinking: "This is sooo the 90's". But I wont steer you in the wrong direction lil baby. Yeah you've might of see your mom wearing an all denim outfit in a throwback polaroid and thought she was crazy. But mama knew what was up. All your fashion idols at one point rocked an all denim outfit and I'm pretty sure you went crazy over it. My tip for pulling off an outfit like this is to not be afraid of mixing specific denim colors with another. Also make sure your shoes are a pop of color like red or blue.

If you know me personally, you know that I swear up and down camouflage was the best thing ever created. I own numerous jackets like this with different patterns in my closet. In general, olive green looks amazing on all skin colors but your camo doesn't have to be only green. I've seen a plethora of colors being worn especially orange. Hands down this print is a staple piece and it should be in everyone's wardrobe. 

Monochromatic is uniformity at it's best. You can never go wrong with wearing all one color. This look doesn't have to be specifically dressy either. I've seen tons of people dress this trend down. If you try out this trend, don't over think it. Each piece doesn't have to be the same exact color or texture. That's the beauty of this trend. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with this one.

Welp, I think I covered enough. I promise you every last trend mentioned above will always be "in style". If not comment below what trend do you think is timeless. I'm curious to know. Share some knowledge with a real one! 

(DISCLAIMER ALERT : All photos featured in the blog post are not mine. I found every last one on Pinterest... that is all)

S T A Y  B L E S S E D, 
- C A S 


Are you on the hunt looking for that perfect spring / summer highlight, like I am ? Well I think we have found a winner ! Influenster and Marc Jacobs kindly sent a voxbox, featuring Marc Jacobs' new Coconut Dew Drops Gel Highlighter, for testing and review purposes. Continue reading to get a more in depth description and my final thoughts on this amazing product. 

So boom, lets gets the details on this product. Marc Jacobs Loves coconut water and how it hydrates the skin. This gel highlight has a golden peach hue, which is perfect for all skin tones but especially for medium to darker skin colors. According to the website, the coconut inside has five forms benefits. 
  1. Coconut Alkanes that help with long wear. 
  2. Coconut milk that deeply hydrates the skin. 
  3. Coconut water that provides electrolytes. 
  4. The coconut polysaccharides helps condition the skin. 
  5. The coconut fragrance provides a light scent. 
This product retails $44 in Sephora and on the Marc Jacobs Beauty website.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY y'all. You can use this before you apply your foundation or mix it with your foundation. You can also use your finger or a brush to apply it on the high points of your face. I prefer to use a damp Real Technique Beauty Sponge. 

When applied to my face I do notice I have to work this product in. It does dry super quick. I don't like my highlight to be too streaky but not super sheer. I do have oily / combination skin and this highlight doesn't budge AT ALL. 

Overall this product is pricey but I personally think it's worth it. My overall experience using this product has been good. Like I stated before, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. So you shouldn't go through this product rapidly unless you use it on clients. All skin types are able to use this product.

 Why not splurge a little and treat yo self ? #CoconutGlow #contest

As always, STAY B L E S S E D
- CAS 

DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary from @Influenster and @MarcBeauty for testing purposes. 


Hey yall, I'm back with something a little different from my usual fashion, Outfit Of The Day posts. This post is specifically about the time my friends and I went randomly hiking. Anyways we traveled about an hour to Mother Neff, which is a Texas state park. I'm not a really outdoors type of person but I do know how to embrace and capture its beauty. I think we spent a good two hours roaming around through tight trails and across little rivers. Needless to say, this place is a hidden gem. If you get a chance to be in Central Texas check this place out.

Below are a few photos that I captured. If you would like to see the rest of them, check out my Facebook page, Sxmply CAS. Don't forget to like that page for any updates.